Westeria is a German Manufacturer of conveying and windsifting technology that has been specifically designed for the Waste to Energy and Recycling Industry. The patented windsifting solution from Westeria – the technological leader – allows the separation of the heavy fraction (contaminates) from the light fraction (High BTU Material) in one easy step.

Typically, these machines are installed in Waste to Energy Applications after a Pre-Shredding, screening and ferrous Metal Removal step to separate the high BTU value material from contaminates like rock, gravel, nonferrous material, etc.

Westeria Windsifting equipment can be found in over 500 installations worldwide. The unique design allows for a very compact machine with low energy consumption.

To increase the value of recycled materials and/or high BTU levels in fuel, WESTERIA offers a wide range of designs that can separate materials into 2, 3 or even 4 different fractions.

Westeria offers stationary, semi-mobile and mobile configurations of the Windsifter in many different sizes. They are used in different fields of applications like:

  • MSW
  • C&D
  • Post-Industrial waste
  • Composting sites
  • RDF production
  • MRF and PRF
  • PET bottle Recycling



The windsifters from Westeria® are designed to be rugged, powerful and energy-efficient.
A powerful method to separate heavy and light materials is what sets the patented Westeria® windsifter technology apart.

In the windsifter, the materials are separated by a process that is divided into three main components: the acceleration belt, the air jet and the windsifter separation drum.

With its uniform and single-layer distribution of the input material, which is distributed homogeneously across the entire width of the windsifter and fed to the feeding belt, the windsifter achieves excellent separating results.

The material in the windsifter is accelerated to an adapted speed here and transported to the ejection edge. The materials falling from above get into an upcurrent that is generated through an adjustable air jet that is attached in the windsifter underneath the feeding belt.

The air stream meets the upper area of the rotation drum in the windsifter and is fed through it into the expansion chamber with the laminar flow.

The material in the windsifter meets the air flow and is separated into light and heavy materials.

The light materials are transported with an air flow with high speed into the expansion chamber, where the air speed is reduced so much that the light materials reach a container or a discharge belt. The heavy materials fall down from the rotation drum in the windsifter into a container or onto a discharge belt.

The air volume brought into the expansion chamber is removed again in the upper section of the windsifter and, depending on the individual application, is once more drawn in by the blower or routed into a filter system. To retain high-grade recycling raw materials, Westeria® has designed a special windsifter to unerringly sort the input material into three fractions with a high degree of selectivity.


Operators of composting plants know the problem all too well: Organic household waste is often contaminated with foil and packaging waste. With the AirLift, Westeria®’s technicians and engineers have developed a unit that can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems. The AirLift system comprises three segments: The high speed transport belt, which feeds in the material at a speed of up to 4 metres per second. This is in turn connected to the AirWheel. We were able to rigorously build upon our years of experience in the wind sifter field in order to achieve clean separation of materials of virtually the same weight. And in conjunction with the AirWheel, the AirLift also perfectly demonstrates its abilities when processing PET bottles. Light plastics and label paper are perfectly separated. Wherever materials with a very similar, specific density need to be separated precisely, the AirLift is your ideal choice! Interested? Then speak to us!



The Windsifter Airbasic is part of the latest generation of mobile windsifter technology from Westeria. It is the result of the innovative continuous development of the patented Westeria windsifter technology that provides superior separation and contaminant removal. Hundreds of improved details and new ideas have resulted in a persuasive next step in mobile windsifter technology.


Free from all impurities – more flexible than ever before!

Now also mobile! Westeria’s proven technology of the AirLift windsifter is now more flexible than ever. The AirLift move brings effective separation to any location. The ultra-light separator is already widely used as a stand-alone version for the removal of impurities. Materials with similar specific densities are easily separated by the unit. For compost processors, the AirLift move therefore enables the effective and efficient removal of films from the valuable organic material.


  • High purity of over 99%
  • Max. Flow rate 320 m³/h
  • Precise adjustment of ballistic trajectory, air speed and visibility
  • DiscSpreader and prefeeding belt integrated as standard




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