From shredding to separation to screening and more, we offer a very flexible line of equipment designed to handle even the toughest waste industry applications:

  • Landfills
  • Transfer stations
  • MSW
  • Bulky Waste
  • Post Industrial Waste
  • C&D (Construction and Demolition)
  • MRF

Our line of M&J shredding equipment not only helps to extend the life of a landfill through improved compaction rates, but also improves material decomposition and increases bulk density for economical purposes. You can also recycle a higher volume by pre-shredding waste in a transfer station or MRF. This ensures that even the bulkiest of items get broken down and allows for greater tonnage per trailer load.

Our shredding solutions also help to improve the separation of materials using pre-shredding and wind sifting to separate waste into heavy, medium, or light fractions. And by shredding the waste before it is baled, you can increase bale weight.


The recycling of paper and/or cardboard often requires shredding to improve the pulping process or to increase bale weights. The M&J line of shredding equipment is also very effective in reducing the amount of fines in the final shredded product. For small volume applications, we also offer a single shaft shredder. In many cases, these units are used in smaller paper recycling applications where the material goes on to a baling process. In addition to supplying shredding systems, we also offer separation technologies capable of removing contaminants from the paper stream.


Through the use of new legislation, the production of substitute and alternative fuels is experiencing an ever more upward trend, paralleled by the expected increase in recycling rates throughout municipalities all across the US. This is expected to lead to the rise of more accessible waste streams that can be processed into fuels for the coal, cement, and lime industries, as well as for biomass power plants or other industrial boiler systems that are still burning fossil fuels.

We offer a complete line of products for this challenging application. Most lines start with a M&J pre-shredder followed by a screening and separation process that includes the WESTERIA wind sifter as well as other components. For the final fuel sizing we offer the M&J Fineshred series. These single shaft shredders have been developed specifically for the production of alternate fuels from waste, including:

  • Biomass
  • Paper and Cardboard Recycling


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