From the recycling, chemical, and food industries to mining, construction and non-metallic mineral processing applications; SPALECK conveying and separating technology can be found in almost every industry.


Leading recycling companies throughout the world trust SPALECK for their waste screening applications.

Your new SPALECK recycling waste screen is your partner that can take your recycling process to the next level.

More performance, even more flexible, and economical. Superior technology.

Maximum screening surface for optimum sieving quality and high throughput capacities

We design our screening machinery for the most optimal recycling performance to put more money in your pocket. Our waste recycling screens also offer you the greatest possible dynamic working area for more efficient operation.


With all recycling applications, you need high-performance technology. Every material has its own unique demands and challenges. As the SPALECK 3D Combi was developed together with leading recycling companies, this screening machine can be uniquely tailored to your individual process and applications.

With the 3D Combi, you invest in efficiency. Thanks to this 2-in-1 solution, you save money, steel construction and space. Once in operation, the 3D Combi will provide you with constant and consistent screening results and efficient performance.

3D Combi gets the maximum from your recycling line
Screening technology does not only have to function optimally, it also needs to make life easy for your downstream processing equipment.

Up to five screening fractions
Clean separation cuts – optimal for your downstream processing

High-performance and reliable technology for screening developed with and produced for our customers.

The SPALECK 3D Combi screening machine is the benchmark worldwide for efficient processing and recycling.


As an innovative, worldwide leader in screening technology, we produce machinery that will stay effective for years, or even decades to come.

With your new SPALECK Flip-Flow screen, you always stay with the times.

Maximum screening quality, the most simple operation

Screening machines must be reliable and powerful. With our Flip-Flow screens, we can help you optimize the screening process. Reliable machine performance is a key step in building an efficient recycling system.

Worldwide, SPALECK Flip-Flow screens set the benchmark for efficiency, reliability and effectiveness.

Performance, reliability, return on investment
If optimum screening performance, quality and results are important for you, then SPALECK’s Flip-Flow screening technology is right for you.


Our SPALECK 3D Combi screening technology is the heart of many of the best screening systems in the world.

Our partners TEREX FINLAY and POWERSCREEN, leading international producers of mobile recycling technology, use the SPALECK Flip-Flow screen technology.

Extremely powerful and flexible
Geared for uncompromising performance:

Worldwide, mobile screening machinery from SPALECK technology belongs to the most efficient screening systems and guarantees results.

The best of mobile screening technology
We design our screening machines so that you can recycle efficiently and economically. Our waste recycling screens also offer you the greatest possible screening surface area. This way, you achieve the highest screening performance with maximum screening quality.

Simple, even lower effort for cleaning
Problems with particularly sticky or cakey materials? No problem! With our patented, easily retrofittable Flip-Flow cassette, your screening surfaces will stay free of all bloackages!



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