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eFACTOR3 offers a wide variety of pre-shredding, screening, sifting, shredding, cleaning, granulating and extrusion equipment available for rental and demos. Contact us to learn more!

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M&J 4000M Demos and Rental Machine

The eFACTOR3 Team has a new M&J 4000 Mobile shredder allowing us to set up unstoppable industrial shredder rental and demos.

The M&J 4000 Mobile Shredder is designed for all sorts of waste shredding applications. This includes particularly challenging inputs such as:

The M&J 4000M is a large mobile shredder capable of effectively and reliably shredding virtually any type of material. This includes particularly challenging inputs such as MSW, C&D Waste, bulky waste, chemical waste, industrial waste, tree stumps, carpets, mattresses, railroad ties, appliances as well as Baled PET Bottles, or large paper rolls.

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M&J’s Mobile Shredders are available in 2 different sizes which are all supplied with a powerful and proven diesel-powered pack with selected quality hydraulic components. All units are based on patented technology and use hydraulic operation, open cutting tables and large, aggressive knives. Made for heavy-duty use!

M&J 4000M

The capacity of the 4000-M series ranges from 30–100 tons/hour depending on the type of input material and shredder configuration.

The 390 kW diesel-hydraulic power unit makes the M&J 4000M independent of any power supply. Because you can move it easily from one place to another, it makes an exceptionally versatile shredder solution that is ideal for many varying needs. The 4000M is the workhorse of the Mobile shredders that M&J manufactures and it is offered in a trailed mounted version or as a track-mounted version for agility in landfills.

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    M&J’s unique, patented shredding technology is based on a number of powerful and efficient principles that offer undeniable user benefits:

    • Open cutting table means Larger shredding capacity and Less wear

    • Shredding in both rotational directions means better shredding performance, larger shredding capacity, less wear and reduced risk of bridge building in the cutting table

    • Large, aggressive knives means Larger shredding capacity and a pusher device is not required

    • Large shredding zone means efficient shredding of large, voluminous items and reduced risk of bridge building in the cutting table

    • Hydrostatic drive means very reliable performance under heavy loads and allow high shredding power at low rotational speeds

    • PLC-controlled operation means service-friendly and flexible system with many options as well as safe monitoring of many points

    • Mobile configurations are also available with most models



    M&J Mobile Industrial Shredder for
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