Press Release: Precision sorting thanks to the Westeria AirLift (02.2021) (PDF)

Press Release: Indonesian Pan Era Group invests in Austrian MAS recycling technology (11.2020) (PDF)

Press Release: IR-Clean: Achieving Suitability for Foodstuff Without Retrofitting the Line (08.2020)

Press Release: IR-Clean: FDA Approval for Kreyenborg Infrared Rotary Drum (03.2020)

Plastics Machinery Magazine: MAS Retrofit Package Improves Degassing (03.2020)

MAS User Report: Producing the Highest Quality with the Right Technology (11.2019)

Press Release: MAS at K 2019 – Innovations for Compounding and Recycling – Hall 9 / D42 (08.2019)

Report: The Right Choice for Success (7.22.19)

Press Release: eFACTOR3: Celebrating 10 Years of Industry Excellence (8.8.18)

Press Release: Designed to Perform: Metso’s M&J FineShred Series (5.13.17)

Press Release: INTRODUCING: Westeria’s MultiFeeder, the Innovative Bunker System for Small Volumes with a Wide Range of Uses (4.3.17)

Press Release: Meet the New Generation of Extrusion and Melt Filtration Technology from MAS at K 2016 (9.20.16)

Recycling Today: eFACTOR3 Hires New Regional Sales Manager (6.1.16)

Problem solver – Butler-MacDonald Inc., Indianapolis, finds answers to the most difficult recycling problems. (4.22.16)

Mixing things up – While single-screw extruders dominate the recycling space, twin-screw extruders are widening their niche, especially for value-added products. (4.22.16)

Press Release: Useful Preparation of Post-Consumer Thermoplastic File Waste from Pallmann Industries, Inc. (4.06.16)

Plastics Technology: Compounder Finds Niche in Recycling – Combining compounding and recycling in one step is helping take Buckeye Polymers to the next level. (2.28.16)

MAS Receives FDA No Objection Letter for Recycled Plastics (1.5.16)

Plastics Machinery Magazine: Better rotors double DRD system’s capacity(12.4.15)

Introducing the Improved MAS DRD “Waterless” Cleaning System for Plastic Film, Flakes and Fibers (10.2.15)

World’s Largest Melt Filter Celebrates its Premier – MAS at FAKUMA 2015(10.2.15)

Press Release: Re-using PVC left-overs the smart way (08.17.15)

Press Release: Robust PANTHER granulator from Pallmann for efficient PET bottle recycling (08.17.15)

Plastics Technology: MAS DRD – Dry Cleaning Technology (06.07.15)

Plastics Technology: MAS CDF – Developments In Filtration (06.07.15)

MAS “CDF” Continuous Disc Filtration System Adapts to Keep Pressure Stable (page 77)(12.30.14)

MAS “CDF” Continuous Disc Filtration System has Minimal Polymer Loss with Maximum Contaminant Removal(9.23.14)

CDF 500-D New melt filter for high throughputs and the most stringent quality demands(11.01.13)

MAS Introduces Filter Designed to Extract Contaminantes from Plastic Scrap -Recycling Today (9.27.13)

Waste Advantage: Pre-Shredding and Wind Sifting: Benefits of Better Segregation of Materials (7.30.13)

Must read! Performance Cutters Comparison (7.11.13)

Westeria Redesigns Pusher Plate Bins – Recycling Today (5.15.13)

Westeria’s Newly Designed Pusher Plate Bins Bottom Bars Always Axially Aligned (4.05.13)

Biomass Products & Technology March Issue – Processing systems’ potential grows (3.20.13)

When bottom bars are axially aligned – The recycling specialists from the Ostbevern­based Westeria Förder­ technik GmbH (Münsterland region) are optimizing the product range of pusher plate bins. (3.6.13)

New alternative fuels installation at the Zlatna Panega plant is designed for the production of processed-engineered fuel (PEF). (9.10.12)

Westeria Mobile Windsifter launched at IFAT. (8.1.12)

Renewable Energy from Waste (4.23.12)

MAS OneStep Extrusion System (4.11.12)

ONESTEP appears in Recycling Today (4.05.12)

Efactor 3 Brings OneStep Extrusion System to North America (3.19.12)

OneStep machine integrates combines recycling and compounding (3.14.12)

eFactor3 played a key role in the launch of Greece’s Titan 4.8M euro RDF installation at Zlatna Panega plant (7.05.11)

Engineering Benefits of Dry Reprocessing (PDF) – Compact System as One-Stop Solution (12.30.10)

Innovative Waste to Energy Brochure – Download our brochure that summarizes our offerings for your offline use

Metso Denmark Introduces M&J Shredders to North America

Recycling Today Magazine -EFactor3 Representing M&J Line

EFactor3 Representing M&J Line (11.10.09)

Construction & Demolition Recylcling – Efactor3 Markets New Extruder Line(07.24.09)

Efactor3 to Offer Plastics Washing, Drying System (07.16.09)

eFACTOR3 to Serve Recycling, Waste-to-Energy Markets (10.03.08)


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