As an equipment and systems supplier, we can solve any application regarding the recycling and processing of plastic. Our Equipment includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Pre-Shredders for large rolls, bales or boxes
  • Bale Breakers for film, PET bottles, HDPE bottles and other materials that need to be sorted and recycled
  • FineShredders for many different needs
  • Dry Cleaning Systems for material that can be cleaned without Water
  • Infrared Dryers for many different applications including PET bottle Recycling
  • Electrostatic Separation to separate polymers from each other without color restrictions
  • Metal Separation to protect downstream equipment or to clean up regrind
  • Washing System for the most challenging materials
  • Screening for classification of materials
  • Wind Sifting to remove heavy contaminates or to remove labels from PET bottles
  • Extrusion for a large variety of Polymers
  • Continuous Melt Filtration for highly contaminated streams of material
  • Re-Compounding Systems to produce tailor made pellets from Post Consumer/Post Industrial material streams
  • Direct Extrusion to Sheet or Profile
  • Undried Processing of PET or PLA


Fields of application we have provided equipment to:

  • Agricultural Film
  • Post-Industrial Plastic Film
  • Post-Consumer Plastic Film
  • Carpet
  • Purging’s
  • PET Bottle Recycling
  • HDPE Bottle Recycling
  • PP Container Recycling
  • Fiber Recycling
  • Sheet Procuction
  • Inline Compouding and Profile Extrusion
  • WPC Profile Extrusion
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