The ONESTEP Extrusion System by MAS is the only system that combines two major processes – recycling and compounding – into one. Simplicity at its best.

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The MAS EXTRUDER combines the familiar, superior, plastification and homogenization of a co-rotating parallel twin screw extruder with the specific advantages of the conical screw design; a key element of this integrated recycling and compounding system.

The MAS EXTRUDER is perfectly suited for any application when a variety of product requirements need an individual, high quality solution.

Technological Features:

  • Compact design
  • Small footprint
  • Conical co-rotational twin screw design
  • Superior homogenization
  • Large feed opening
  • Process low bulk density materials (Film, Fibers, etc.)
  • Cascade configuration for superior degassing
  • Low melt temperatures
  • Reduce energy consumption by as much as 40%
  • High melt pressure combined with maximum pressure stability
  • Large shaft diameters allow for high torque
  • Easy Screw Removal
  • Modular Screw and Barrel Design
  • Processing of undried PET and PLA
  • Re-Compounding

Individually configurable

The MAS Extruder is equipped with a modular screw and barrel design and can be configured individually to any application including no venting or 1-2 vent ports. The mixing and plasticizing capacity of the extruder can be modified by exchanging screw elements. Due to the conical design, an extremely fast screw changeover is possible. While the downstream equipment remains stationary, the cylinder is swiveled out and the screws can be pulled out to the rear without further tools.

THE MAS EXTRUDER 45, 55L, 75, 90, 93 & 93 PlusMaximum Added Value in Production

The MAS Series of plastic recycling extruders offers a wide range of production capacity from 200 lbs/hour to 6000 lbs/hour (depending on model, polymer and other variables).

Compact, robust, durable

Thanks to the conical design MAS has been able to construct an extruder with extremely large back pressure bearings that allow a high torque input into the extruder screws especially in the area were it is needed most (Melt Section). The screw diameter in the feed section is approximately twice as big as the pump section of the screw.


Type Material Output
MAS 24 (laboratory line) e.g. PE / PP / PS / PET (20-35 kg/h)
44-77 lbs/hr
MAS 45 e.g. PE / PP / PS / PET (200-300 kg/h)
440-660 lbs/hr
MAS 55L (K) e.g. PE / PP / PS / PET (400-700 kg/h)
880-1540 lbs/hr
MAS 75 (K) e.g. PE / PP / PS / PET (700-1200 kg/h)
1540-2640 lbs/hr
MAS 90 (K) e.g. PE / PP / PS / PET (1000-1800 kg/h)
2000-3960 lbs/hr
MAS 93 (K) e.g. PE / PP / PS / PET (1200-2200 kg/h)
2640-4840 lbs/hr
MAS 93 400 (K) Plus e.g. PE / PP / PS / PET (1500-2730 kg/h)
3300-6000 lbs/hr

Best quality in PET and PLA extrusion

The MAS plastic extruder is perfect for processing A PET, G PET R PET, PET or PLA both for re-pelletizing and for direct extrusion into final products. The large feed section of the conical extruder supports feeding of both PET flakes (PET bottles, preforms) and pellets as well as sheet regrind. There is no need to pre-crystallize or pre-dry the PET or PLA as the feed mechanism is combined with a high-performance Vacuum.

As the extruder’s intake volume is significantly greater than the discharge volume, an extremely high screw fill level is achieved. This helps to achieve high output values at slow screw speeds and at a correspondingly low melt temperatures. This results in excellent color values and minimal IV loss. A low thermal load accompanied by very low specific energy consumption high quality product at very low operating cost.

If it is desired to produce an FDA complaint pellet or sheet, the MAS Extruder can be combined with the standard crystalizing and drying system or the advanced KREYENBORG Infrared Dryer since both process have been granted an LNO from FDA for food contact.


The MAS Cascade Extruder makes it possible to reprocess materials (heavily printed materials, recycled materials with high contamination levels etc.) that are difficult to de-gas on conventional extrusion lines. The Cascade extruder works in conjunction with an upstream Extruder (preferably MAS twin-screw extruder) to reprocess and de-gas the material after the melt filtration.

Depending on the size, the MAS Cascade Extruder is equipped with 2 or 3 vent ports and a melt distribution system to increase the degassing efficiency. With a MAS Cascading system, the two processes of Recycling and Re-Compounding can be combined into ONE STEP .


The MAS 24 LABORATORY EXTRUDER is the only conical & co-rotating twin screw extruder available for small volume applications. This technology enables the customer to process a wider range of materials including recycled materials on a laboratory scale. It is also ideal for small-scale high-end polymer compounding applications.

If it is used in conjunction with MAS Processing Extruders (MAS 45-93) the results from the laboratory can be transferred to production without recreating recipes.



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