M&J formerly known as Metso, is crushingly reliable when it comes to the supply of stationary and mobile shredding equipment. M&J Shredders offer a unique, patented cutting-table and knife designs that has made the company a leading producer of pre-shredders and shredders for recycling and incineration plants, transfer stations, landfills and RDF and chemical waste production. Known for their pre-shredding, shredding, crushing, and grinding abilities, these rugged units can be found in over 500 installations around the globe.


M&J’s unique, patented shredding technology is based on a number of powerful and efficient principles that offer undeniable user benefits:

  • Open cutting table means Larger shredding capacity and Less wear
  • Shredding in both rotational directions means better shredding performance, larger shredding capacity, less wear and reduced risk of bridge building in the cutting table
  • Large, aggressive knives means Larger shredding capacity and a pusher device is not required
  • Large shredding zone means efficient shredding of large, voluminous items and reduced risk of bridge building in the cutting table
  • Hydrostatic drive means very reliable performance under heavy loads and allow high shredding power at low rotational speeds
  • PLC-controlled operation means service-friendly and flexible system with many options as well as safe monitoring of many points
  • Mobile configurations are also available with most models


Visit M&J website.

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