Gerd Radke

Gerd recently joined eFACTOR3 as our Plastic Processing Division Sales Manager after a long career in manufacturing thermoplastic color, additives, and engineered compounds. Throughout his career, Gerd has managed different production facilities and startups in Germany and North America. He began his career at Bayer AG and has held positions at ALBIS Plastics, Teknor Apex, Adell Polymers, TRCC, Advanced Color Technologies, Primex Plastics and Chroma Color.

“Every assignment was a challenge in a different way, and I enjoyed every minute of it. During my career, I have had the opportunity to operate all different types of equipment used in the plastic manufacturing industry. One of the main reasons I joined eFACTOR3 is to provide companies with the right equipment for their needs to keep plastic out of the waste stream and recycle it back into new applications.”

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