Located near Gothenburg in Sweden, for over 30 years Flexus BalaSystem has been involved in the design, engineering and manufacturing of sustainable technical solutions.

Flexus pioneered & developed the unique heavy-duty, all-in-one round baling & wrapping technology, and today with hundreds of installations worldwide in nearly 50 countries on 5 continents, they are proud to have built a solid #greentech reputation for durability, cost efficiency and operational safety.


The two brothers Jan and Bo Ansbjer founded Bala Industri in 1983, manufacturing equipment for material handling of agricultural products. In 1992 Bala developed a first new round bale press for waste materials, and in 1993 it was decided to focus entirely on the waste industry and the company name was changed to Bala Press AB. From 1999 to 2002 the company was part of the ATLE Group/Sweden. In 2003 the Ansbjer brothers took over Bala Press AB and renamed it Flexus Balasystem AB. In 2007 Flexus moved to the newly built premises in Nossebro/Sweden, and since 2015 Flexus is wholly-owned by Bo Ansbjer.

Given the worldwide drive towards sustainable waste solutions and renewable energies, Flexus is all geared and ready to continuously adjust its manufacturing capacity and growth, and to retain its well-known short delivery times and technical support for their worldwide customers.


Flexus is the pioneer in industrial-scale all-in one round-baling & wrapping solutions, for the compaction and volume reduction of a wide range of applications: MSW, RDF/SRF, landfill management & remediation, transfer stations, Waste-to-Energy and incineration facilities, biomass, C&I waste, ASR, tires, pulp, ashes.

Since 1995, Flexus heavy-duty round-baling systems have a solid reputation for being flexible, easy to operate, low and predictable operating costs, and being service friendly; the small footprint and the mobility of Flexus round balers make it a perfect choice, either as a stand-alone machine or for processes. Flexus round bales are highly space-efficient when it comes to stacking, storage and transport of baled & wrapped materials.

The Flexus baling system is available in three variations, for different needs and capacities:

Typhoon baling system : For higher capacities up to 30-35 bales/hour (up to 50 t/h) and 40 kW of power.

Breeze baling system : For medium size projects up to 15 bales/hour (up to 15 t/h) and 35 kW of power.

Breeze Mini baling system : For small capacities of up to 5 bales/hour (up to 7 t/h) and 25 kW of power, e.g. on small islands or in remote places.



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