THE MAS DRD 21 & 26Drying and Cleaning in a Single Step – Washing Without Water – Drink it, Don’t Waste it!

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MAS dry cleaning plants are a modern and extremely economical alternative, or an optimal supplement, to conventional wet wash systems. Based on the tried-and-trusted DRD (Double Rotor Disc) technology, the technology combines a centrifuge with thermo-mechanical drying. This special design allows for economic processing in a wide range of applications:

  • As a standalone cleaning system
  • Downstream of a wet wash system for final drying and cleaning
  • Upstream of a wet wash system

This technology can remove moisture and dirty (Soil, Sand etc.) from shredded film or granulated rigid plastic. Oily, greasy or sugar-based residues cannot be removed with this technology and need to be processed with conventional wet wash systems.

Washing without water means saving money:

Lower cost of investment

  • No water treatment
  • No waste water disposal cost
  • Simple Process
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Low operating cost

MAS offers a broad range of DRD solution from the MAS DRD 21 SINGLE STEP TO the MAS DRD 26 DS (Double Step).

Type Material Throughput
DRD 21 (DS) e.g. LDPE foil, industrial waste 1320 – 1760 lbs/hour (600-800 kg/h)
DRD 26 (DS) e.g. LDPE foil, industrial waste 2860 – 3520 lbs/hour (1300-1600 kg/h)
DRD 26 (DS) P e.g. LDPE foil, industrial waste 5720 – 7040 lbs/hour (2600 – 3200 kg/h)


**The Output of the system depends on the type of material, material thickness, , shred size, contamination level and type as well as moisture content.

The MAS DRD Single Step

This solution is typically utilized as a final cleaner and dryer after wet wash systems as well as a Pre-Cleaner before wet wash lines. It can also be used as a complete drying and cleaning process for lightly contaminated materials like post Industrial film.

The MAS DRD DS Double Step

This solution is typically utilized as a complete drying and cleaning process for contaminated materials like greenhouse film, nursery trays, big bags, AG-film, flower pots and similar items.






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