Westeria is a German Manufacturer of conveying and wind sifting technology that has been specifically designed for the Waste to Energy and Recycling Industry. They manufacture a large range of conveying equipment.

The modular design of the conveying systems allows for individual solutions that are tailored to the application. These different waste conveyor systems are used in different fields of applications like:

  • MSW
  • C&D
  • Post-Industrial waste
  • Composting sites
  • RDF production
  • MRF and PRF
  • PET bottle recycling


The PipeCon is an air-guided conveying system for any type of bulk material with precisely defined particle sizes, such as in the wood and cement industries.

It is a conveyor system designed for transporting bulk materials of all kinds over long distances. Extremely high conveying capacities (up to 500 t/h) are possible in the perfectly sealed pipe conveyor. The supports can be up to 60 m apart, with a total length of more than 300 m.

The belt floats on an air buffer generated by integrated fans. The 2.2 kW fans are located every 50 m at the top of the pipe conveyor. This drastically improves efficiency and minimises wear parts and maintenance of the machine. A maintenance walkway can be mounted directly on the belt, eliminating the need for an additional steel structure. The one-sided access is completely sufficient for full maintenance.

The tensioning station can be flexibly positioned on the floor so that the conveyor can be easily integrated into any plant design. In addition, a double scraper system is installed, which prevents uncontrolled falling of dust or trickling material. The PipeCon consists of 12 m long segments that can be quickly assembled. Due to our transport system, three of these segments can be safely transported and quickly unloaded in a 40′ container.


The tried and proven Westeria® modular system was developed to be flexible and react quickly to customer requirements. The unique chain conveyor belt system is geared towards every conceivable demand on the market. The chain belt conveyor is equipped with steel carriers, transporting every kind of feeding material easily.

Westeria® chain belt conveyors combine the highest “Made in Germany” – product quality with an extremely attractive price. Yet at the same time it provides sufficient space to be able to integrate special wishes and requirements into the existing system – in a flexible way and without any complications.


The SteelCon, designed for the toughest applications, is a true powerhouse. Its weight alone of over 1/2 ton per 3 m segment is proof that it can handle the most demanding tasks in conveying scrap and other heavy or aggressive material flows for a long time. Standard galvanized steel side guides can be equipped with optional additional wear plates. Numerous technical innovations are integrated as standard.


The BendCon is a roller carried bend conveyor and the ideal solution for all conveying tasks with upward bend.

The angles of the bend conveyor belt can be configured according to your special requirements. Thus, it can be used for bulk materials of all kinds. The conveyor belt system has proven itself, for example, as a discharge belt for shredders.  The well thought-out and robust roller system and the corresponding belt conveyor leave nothing to be desired and effortlessly transport the feed material. An additional advantage of the bend upwards is the saving of a transfer point and thus the overall height within a plant.”


The versatile FlatCon combines the advantages of a rolling and a sliding discharge conveyor.

By using lateral sliding supports, this combines optimal side sealing with energy-saving drive power. As with the UCon, SteelCon and ChainCon you can benefit from the WeKea System. In years of work, we have put all our experience into revising the standard versions so that we have integrated a large number of technical innovations as standard. In addition, as a customized variant, every requirement can be individually covered by our engineering team.

The standard options include the rubberized drum as well as a reversible version or the T cleat belt.


The UCon is Westeria’s solution for all types of bulk materials. It can be equipped with additional side seals along any length. Furthermore, its design has been perfected so that, in contrast to conventional conveyors, the idlers can be reached and replaced very easily for maintenance purposes. Large volumes are no problem for the UCon: With additional side elevations, a particularly large loading height can still be achieved even with top belt covers.



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