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The conical, co-rotating MAS extruder offers process stability and economic compounding of plastics with very different characteristics wherever it is necessary to fulfil the strictest quality requirements. Especially in the following areas:

  • WPC (Wood Plastic Composites)
  • PPC (Paper Plastic Composites)
  • Admixing of CaC03, Talcum and other fillers
  • Admixing of colorant and Additives
  • In-Line compounding for Profile and sheet Extrusion

Through the unique design of MAS’ extrusion system, the compounding and recycling of many plastic materials can be combined into one line. AKA Re-compounding. The large feed opening, and high screw fill levels allow for the feeding of low bulk density or other difficult to manage materials while the co-rotating twin screw design allows for the direct compounding of other materials into the feed stream without the need for side feeders. The MAS system can combine low bulk density materials like film or fibers with regrind, pellets and or fillers and re-compound it into an engineered resin in one step, reducing heat history, saving energy and time.

The MAS Design for Compounding

While originally designed for recycling purposes, the MAS system also shines as a virgin compounding machine. The MAS extruder sports an up to 60% shorter barrel than comparable parallel twin screw extruders, saving not only precious plant real estate, but also reducing energy consumption by up to 40%. MAS also eliminates the need for side feeders, with all material being fed into the throat of the extruder, reducing headaches and ensuring an on-time delivery.

Direct Extrusion into profile and sheet

While the MAS extrusion system can easily handle conventional compounding and recycling applications with ease, it can also handle the toughest inline compounding application for profile and sheet extrusion. The direct inline compounding of materials like WPC/PPC profiles or highly filled sheet can be achieved by using the features. Due to the system’s conical design, the large feed throat opening allows for not only the feeding of low bulk density material, but for the direct dosing of wood flour, filler and other desired additives directly in the material stream, creating a 100% uniform sheet, board or profile.



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