Flexus Typhoon integrated baling and wrapping technology. The Typhoon is the successor to the widely sold and highly popular Tornado model. The Typhoon is a high capacity baler, conservatively rated at a baling capacity of 30 bales/hour, but with good O&M can comfortably reach 35+ bales/hour = up to 50 tons/hour for MSW applications, with a power consumption of up to 40 kW only.


The Typhoon heavy-duty baler is the perfect choice to cost-efficiently handle a wide range of applications including: MSW, WtE, transport and shipping of RDF/SRF, biomass, landfill remediation, C&I, recyclables, disaster clean-ups, tires, ASR, ashes and high-value agricultural products i.e. beet pulp etc.

From installation to production within one day:

With its small foot print and compact layout, Flexus balers do not require extensive civil works for installation and operations, the first installation only takes one working day.

The integrated round baling and wrapping systems have always been designed for easy transport, quick installation and dismantling. The combination conveyor is equipped with its own hydraulic system facilitating easy installation and dismantling. Both the baling and wrapping as well as the conveyor modules are mounted on hook lift frames. The Typhoon baler’s mobility is a perfect choice for large landfill sites, MSW and RDF at different locations as well as for baling and wrapping contractors: arriving at the new site, the Flexus system generally is back in full production within two hours.

Flexus balers have always been designed to be service friendly; the Typhoon is easy to maintain – thereby increasing productivity and cost efficiency.

High efficiency waste processing for medium sized projects :

The Breeze model is suitable for medium sized projects of up to 20 tons per hour (15 bales/hour), requiring no more than around 35 kW of power. Excellent efficiency for sites that don’t require continuous operation 24 hours per day, but still need high reliability.


The Breeze baling system has a bottom-mounted wrapping unit and is available only with bale ejection to the side, unlike the Typhoon model. There are dual feeding conveyors for easier loading and to increase the capacity of the baler. Finished bales are ejected onto a bale conveyor that holds up to 3 finished bales.

All baling systems are heavy duty, and for many installations the Breeze baler is a very good fit.

Suitable for baling: MSW, RDF, SRF, recyclables.


Waste processing for small islands or remote locations :

The Breeze Mini handles up to 7 tons per hour (5 bales/hour) at around 25 kW of power, making it a perfect fit for smaller installations, e.g. on small islands or in remote places. High reliability for seasonal or irregular operation, with high energy efficiency as an added bonus.

The Breeze Mini is equipped with a bottom-mounted wrapping unit, bale ejection to the side and a single feeding conveyor making it the smallest of the Flexus baling systems. The finished bales are ejected onto a roller conveyor that holds a single bale.

All baling systems are heavy duty, and for smaller projects the Breeze Mini will give you many years of reliable service.

Suitable for baling: MSW, RDF, SRF, recyclables.

Considering that Flexus baling systems are heavy duty machines we feel that to maintain a problem free workflow, all the parts of the workflow need to be able to handle the job at hand. For that reason, their accessories are just as heavy duty, and capable of handling almost anything you throw at them.


Flexus own bale grab fits almost all loaders, and are constructed to be capable of coping with the continuous heavy loads of handling the finished bales. Developed and built by Flexus, these are a lot stronger than your normal agricultural version.


For opening bales, Flexus has developed their own bale opener that fits almost any loader, making it easy to swap out the bale grab for a bale opener when the time comes to open the bales for incineration or further processing when needed. Like the bale grab, the bale opener is developed and built entirely by Flexus to withstand the heavy loads of continuous waste management.


For stationary or semi-stationary installations, Flexus provides spillage conveyors that make it easy to handle any spilled materials, automatically transporting it back to the feeding conveyor to be fed into the baling chamber.



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